Meteorological Astrology. Celestial Bodies And Weather

Mentors: Masha Kavinsky and Alex Hopkins

Having passed the course you will learn how to:

- imake long-term weather forecasts

- prescribe foods and regimens

- consult meteorological serviced about weather

Meteorological astrology is a practice of applying astrological factors to forecast the weather(horoscope analysis at the time of lunar phase changes )

Long time ago a famous astrologer published his astrometeorological charts in the Poor Richard`s Almanack. The astrologer was none other than Benjamin Franklin.

Everything on the Earth endures the influence of planets. Temperature data based diagrams and those based on astrometeorological forecasts are almost identical.

Astrometeorology charts depict ingressions of planets in cardinal signs. To work out a chart an astrologer needs to calculate the moment when the Sun enters Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. The Sun in Cancer gives a chart to forecast summer weather peculiarities, while the Sun in Capricorn predicts winter weather.

The chart of the Sun ingression in cardinal signs shows what the weather will be during three months.

Long-term meteorological forecasts are more accurate than those given by traditional services. But it is useless in giving daily forecasts.

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