Electional Astrology

Mentor: John Lee

Having passed the course you will learn how to:

- decide the most appropriate time for an event ( business, relationship , personal growth, etc.) to have the most preferable outcome

- consult companies and individuals about business matters

Electional Astrology (or event astrology) is a search for the appropriate moment for an event, the best possible time to start a new project.

Electional Astrology is an area of astrology which identifies the proper period of time and the best astrological configurations to succeed in various spheres. The time to start something new is a basic factor that predetermines its success and positive outcome.

Elective astrology helps to identify the time to start basing on favorable astrological rhythms.

It can be compared to surfing. The key point is to catch the right wave of time, so that you move in the right direction. Electional astrology gives you a chance to find those opportune spans of time. The most fortunate people do it intuitively without astrological charts. But the majority needs some astrological help before starting a new business or taking an important decision.

No need to say that electional astrology doesn`t guarantee your unconditional success. Individual achievements depend mostly on personal talents and efforts, but still the opportune time of initiation is one of the basic aspects of fortunate outcome.

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