Methodology of Medical Astrology

Mentor: Ted Minchin

Having passed the course you will learn how to:

- identify personal health status, weak organs and predisposition to certain diseases

- prescribe foods and regimens

- choose the proper moment to start treatment

Medical Astrology is a set of astrological methods of general health status identification, predisposition to illnesses, medical contraindications, diet and other health-related issues.

Astrology was built on by some significant figures of medicine. Thus, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) the famous ancient medicine reformer, believed that it was not possible to become a decent doctor without astrology awareness. A doctor must study the patient`s chart before starting treatment. He believed that a doctor with no command of medical astrology is ignorant. It was him to formulate the main principle of modern medicine - to treat patients not diseases. Another famous doctor Galen (129-201), the founder of phytotherapy was also keen on astrology. Paracelsus- (1493-1541) - the founder of modern drug therapy, based his treatments and choice of active ingredients on astrology.

Of course, medical astrology cannot substitute traditional medicine nor compete with it. But it is a doctor`s helpful tool to treat a disease accurately as well as to choose the most appropriate cure to raise the chance of success.

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