Answers to innermost questions: Horary Astrology

Mentor: Masha Kavinsky

Having completed the course, you will learn how to:

- find specific answers to various questions

- find lost items

Horary astrology (current time astrology) is a search for an answer to a given question by making a horary horoscope, which is compiled at the time of the question or during search for lost items and things.

Horary astrology studies horoscopes which have been built to answer certain well- formulated questions concerning current events in the nearest future.

It is one of the primordial branch in astrology, which is still relevant now.It is based on the principle of predetermination of the object's fate and tries to give decisive answer to different question.

Knowing a birth horoscope you can determine a lot, but what can we do if this information is not avaliable?
There and then horary astrology comes, which requires only the exact time and place of a question.

The horoscopes, made in horary astrology, are called horary charts or horaras. The person asking the question is called the querent (from lat. Quaerentus - the seeker, the inquirer); the person or other subject of a question, on which the horar is built, is called quesited.

To ask a question and get vaild and specific answer, you need to follow a number of rules.

So, horary question:

- should not be frivolous, far-fetched or test the skills of the astrologer. The question must be matured, essential and important for a person, but the astrologer should avoid evaluation the questioned person.

- must be about the outcome of a specific action or the decision

- must be about things in the nearest foreseeable future

- should be rather about specific problems than general

- desirable to be about urgent things of private concernment

- desirable to be about things which directly related to the querent

- desirable to be about things on which querent can influence somehow

- can determine the position of lost person or thing

- can be only set once unless the conditions are changed fundamentally

- must be written verbatim as it is set by the querent and is understood by the astrologer

- must allocate time limits if they are not specified in the question. This will help to avoid confusion in the future

- should not be wheedled out by an astrologer: the question must come

- might be atypical but accepted for interpretation on the basis of his own view and the experience of an astrologer

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