Love, Hatred and Planets. Synastry

Mentor: Jeanne Mayer

Having passed the course you will learn how to:

- understand the nature of human conflicts

- find practicable conflict solutions

Synastry (or astrological compatibility) is probably the most popular branch of astrology. It studies love, friendship and conflicts between different zodiacs. It helps to see reasons of sympathy and antipathy, foresee interpersonal conflicts and ways to resolve them. The synastry chart discloses current and future relationship between certain individuals on emotional, sexual, business and domestic matters.

Ancient synastry has been put into practice by astrologers for a long time as it was mentioned in Theta Byblos by Ptolemy, for example. Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology used it as well.

A compatibility chart is traditionally based on analysis of aspects between planets, the Sun and moon in charts of two people.

General personal relationships with people are predetermined by an individual natal chart. But it is the synastry chart to reflect your relationship with a certain person. It gives a vivid picture of your relationship evolution, possible scenarios and eventual outcomes.

Matching two signs an astrologer should take into account domination of elements, their synergy, a certain sign domination, the Ascendant and Descendant axis, the two partners` planets in signs and mutual aspects of planets.

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